Thursday, September 25, 2014


Time waits for no man. Probably because it is a made-up concept.
Nonetheless, Time is valuable.

It is probably hard to realize the true value of time without having wasted a tremendous amount of it, but it is pretty much common sense, though often uncommon, that Time is invaluable.

Whether you are working 7 hours a day, or no hours a day, the way you manage your time will tell what kind of future will unfold, invariably.

So, let’s take a look at the most important aspects of Time Management.
  • Do what is needed.
  • Do it right.
  • Do it again.

Do what is needed:
Focus your time and energy on your core passions, your need-to-be-done jobs.

Do it right:
Know the how-to of the job and also be efficient in it.

Do it again:
Do that which you do well, again. Again. Again. Till you are perfect or close to it.

Yes, there are other stuffs needed in managing your time perfectly. But you probably already know those, don’t you?

My 23 Cents